Q1. How many years is your company in auto parts business field?
A: Our Company started since 1996, there is about 24 years history for us in auto parts business field.

Q2.How about payment terms?
A: PayPal preferred.
Payments are expected within 7 days after the last winning auction is closed.

Q3.How long will it take to get my item?
A:We ship your orders via UPS International Economy within 1 business day after the payment cleared.Generally we choose First class package, Surepost, UPS-Ground
It usually takes 1-5 business days to arrive you. Delivery time depends on destination, weather, customs and other factors, sometimes it will require a bit longer.
If you don't receive the item after 10 days, please contact us, we'll investigate and solve the delivery problem.

Q4.If you received our product and find that the model is different from your car,how to do?
A:Don't worry, you can contact us directly, we will arrange the return and exchange process for you as soon as possible.

Q5.How about your return policy?
A:We support 7 days no reason to return.If you buy a wrong item, don’t worry Customer must contact us within 14 days of receiving shipment for approval of any return or exchange. Returns or exchanges will be subject to a 15% restocking fee of the original item purchased plus cost of return shipping and replacement shipping. Exchanges due to shipping errors by us will not be subject to a restocking fee or shipping charges.

Our Shipping address and Return address are different. Before you return this item,Pls must contact us. We will send you a return RMA number.
Pls be sure to write this RMA number on the package so that our warehouse can identify your package, otherwise we won't be able to complete the refund.

Questions about my vehicle
What is a VIN and where can I find it?
The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is a unique serial number located on your vehicle. This 17-digit number encodes information like the country of origin, the year it was built, the engine size, and other types of information. All cars on the road today will have the VIN located on the driver's side dash, visible through the lower windshield outside the vehicle. If this tag is blocked or is not visible, you can also find this number on your vehicle's registration.

What is an RPO code and where can I find it?
Used specifically on GM vehicles, RPO stands for Regular Production Options. The factory uses RPOs to determine which options (like fog lights, heated mirrors, etc.) your vehicle would be equipped with. Since different options can affect how different parts function, we may require this code to verify if a certain part fits your vehicle. You can find these codes on a sheet located either in your glove box, in the center console, on the trunk lid, or under the spare tire cover.

What is an Engine ID and where can I find it?
Most engines will have a metal tab on the outside perimeter of the engine block containing the ID. Some vehicles may have the ID printed on the emissions label under the hood.

What is the production date of my car or truck and where can I find it?
You can usually find the production date on a sticker in the door jamb of the driver's door. If the car has been repainted or the tag has fallen off, your local dealership should be able to provide this info with the help of your VIN.

What is "California emissions?" How do I know if I have it?
Due to stricter emissions requirements in the state of California, most auto manufacturers build cars to specifically meet these regulations. This is often accomplished through changes in exhaust, emission systems, and engine programming. While originally intended for use in California, many of these cars are sold in other states around the country. To check if your vehicle is California emissions equipped, there should be a label under the hood with emissions specifications.

How do I know if I have electronic suspension?
If you can view the top of your strut, you will see a connector and wire stemming from the top if you have electronic suspension.

Are you able to diagnose my vehicle’s issue?
We are happy to provide possible suggestions, but we generally recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable repair shop or dealership for a proper and accurate diagnosis.

If you have others question, for a quick way to get in touch, please fill out our contact form. One of our customer service reps will contact you as soon as possible.
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